Orlando Eye complex continues to grow around already huge wheel


The Orlando Eye is aiming not only to change the face of the Orlando Skyline, but also the face of Orlando Entertainment and nightlife as well. While the majority of the focus has been on the massive 425 foot wheel, the rest of the area has begun to spring to life, with one restaurant poised and ready to open. The new area is expected to open later this year.


While visible work on the huge 425 foot mega wheel has appeared to have stopped, work is still happening on the attraction as crews are working on an almost continuous basis trying to ready the attraction. Once it’s complete, it will dominate the Orlando skyline, with views almost to the coast on a clear day.


While there doesn’t appear to be much progress happening on the Eye itself, there is tons of things happening in the complex around the huge wheel. One of the first restaurants in the area appears to be ready to open for guests, as YardHouse has all walls completely removed and all signs point to being ready to open.

Slideshow-View more progress from The Orlando Eye


The entire area is one huge construction site, with crews working on various projects and restaurants. Once the complex is complete, it will be home to restaurants, shopping and several more key attractions by Merlin. The area will include a SeaLife Aquarium, Madam Tussaude’s Wax Museum and many more.

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