Busch Gardens Tampa pushes back Falcon’s Fury date to summer due to delays



Busch Gardens Tampa originally scheduled Falcon’s Fury to open on May 1st, but the park pushed back the opening date due to on-going construction in the Pantopia area. The opening of Falcon’s Fury has been pushed back yet again, pushing the opening of the attraction into the Summer.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg had similar delays in 2011 with their very own drop tower, Mach Tower, which was originally slated to open in May, but didn’t open until August. Although built by different manufacturers, Falcon’s Fury is too suffering from delays in fabrication of key component parts. It’s very unlikely that Falcon’s Fury will open as late as Mach Tower as Busch Gardens and the manufacturer of Falcon’s Fury will do everything within their power to get it open as soon as possible. The SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment brand have always been very safety-conscious and when the attraction is finally ready to open, it will open to the public. No opening date for Falcon’s Fury has been announced at this time, so stay tuned for further updates and progress of Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa.

VIDEO: Face down POV of Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa

Although the park has done some testing of the attraction, and even filmed a Point of View video, Falcon’s Fury just isn’t ready for the public just yet. According to a statement made by Busch Gardens Tampa today, the manufacturer and Busch Gardens are both unable to complete the testing process which is needed to open the ride to the public.

Today, the park provided this official statement regarding Falcon’s Fury:

Busch Gardens new thrill ride Falcon’s Fury includes first-of-its kind design elements, systems and parts. Due to a delay in the fabrication of key component parts, neither the manufacturer nor Busch Gardens are able to complete the lengthy testing processes needed to open the ride to the public. The safety of our guests and team members remains Busch Gardens’ top priority and none of these delays involve safety systems. The ride has been safely operated in the initial stages of the testing process, and all other elements of the park’s newest reimagined land Pantopia are now open to guests. Busch Gardens will provide updates on the ride opening as events warrant. We are committed to delivering world-class thrills and the best possible ride experience, and we look forward to the launch of Falcon’s Fury, North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower, later this summer.

For more information about Busch Gardens Tampa, visit the official website by clicking here.

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