Disney Rocks Summer with 24 hour kick off



Good Morning Everyone! Today is Walt Disney World Resort’s and Disneyland Resort where the Magic Kingdom is open for 24 consecutive hours. We are only about an hour and 3o minutes from the Walt Disney World Resort kick off and some attractions are already seeing triple minute waits.  Now before I get ahead of myself, social media reports started coming in around 4am that there was already a huge line at the Magic Kingdom. There have been reports already that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is open to everyone today and that at 6:30am about 30 minutes after the park opened, the attraction had a 3 hour wait.  Most of the other attractions currently have light wait’s with the longest one seen so far is Tomorrowland Speedway, Under the Sea, Enchanted Tales with Belle and Peter Pan’s flight at a respectable 20 minute wait.


10:30 am Update: For most of the morning, most of the attractions at the Magic Kingdom have been walk on, but over the course of the past few hours, more attractions are starting to reach near an hour wait. I’d expect long waits more into the evening as well once the schools in central Florida let out. Frozen’s meet and greet has hit 5 hours and I expect it to remain at that wait for the majority of the day.


1:50 pm Update: Attractions are starting to see longer wait times now.  Today’s forecasted high is 97 degrees.


6:00 pm Update: Frozen’s meet and greet is back down to 100 minutes from today’s earlier 300 minutes. All other attractions are running at normal wait times


10:20 pm Update: Wishes has already been show tonight, Disney World has some 4 more night time spectaculars left to go. People are reporting that there are guests ready for Main Street Electrical Parade by the Train Station. The heat did affect the wait times today when the park was it’s hottest, not that we are looking at a mid 70’s degree night, and children and teenagers home from school, they’ve come to spend the night. We only have about 7 hours and 30 minutes left for Walt Disney World.


4:10am Update: The Magic Kingdom is nearing to a close this morning with an hour and forty minutes left. Frozen’s queue is down to 85 minutes. Most attractions are running max a 20 minute wait.


6:00am Update: The event at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World has concluded and the park is now Closed.. Thank you for following the Coverage here on Behind the  Those on the West Coast, you can rock out at Disneyland for another three hours!


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