Disneyland’s Trader Sam’s coming to Polynesian Resort in 2015-A look at what could be


Walt Disney World is completely revamping The Polynesian Resort. It’s getting a new name, new lobby and it’s getting a new watering hole that is built off the enchanted legends that surrounds the Tiki Gods. Based on the very popular Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Resort, Trader Sam’s is coming to Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Village in 2015, and with it will be all the tales of travels, gods and good grog. We take a look around Trader Sam’s in California to get an idea of what will be unleashed when Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto opens next year in Florida.




Trader Sam’s is a family friendly Tiki Bar and restaurant by day, and most of the evening. The bar is known for their wild themeing, volcanic eruptions and of course, the huge specialty drinks. How much of that translates to Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Village hotel remains to be seen, but the concept art is promising.





The bar experience looks to be largely the same, with the exception of some large tentacle action happening. Also there’s the matter of the glowing giant clam. The feel, however, seems to be there between the two. There’s a definite abundance of eclectic collectibles in the concept art.




The big difference definitely seems to be that there will be more animatronics happening in the Florida version, with what appears to be Uh Oha from The Tiki Room-Under New Management. Could it be possible that we’re going to see more of a show element happening? While there is definitely no shortage of Tiki gods in the California version, they really don’t do too much.

Video-Get a glimpse at what guests can expect at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto 

The biggest debate is exactly how large the Florida version is going to be, and where exactly it will be. Trader Sam’s at Disneyland Resort takes a good portion, and it’s not likely the same amount of space will be given in the Polynesian Village. With Florida crowds, however, it may get a slightly larger footprint than the California experience.
Slideshow-Take a look around Trader Sams at Disneyland


Regardless, Trader Sam’s is a favorite of locals and visitors at the Disneyland Resort, and it’s sure to be the same in Florida as well, especially if the drinks match the size and intensity of their West coast counterpart.

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