Halloween Horror Nights Orlando officially begins construction-Rumors abound!


Halloween Horror Nights is always on the minds of fans of the Universal Orlando event. While the fans, and HHN faithful wait patiently (kind of) for any kind of information the day after the event ends, now is the time for most to start rejoicing, as permits have been officially filed and construction for Halloween Horror Nights 2014 has begun. As construction starts to officially get under way, rumors start coming fast and furious. Most of them turn out to be dead ends, while others actual stick to the wall.




Universal Orlando has officially filed for three house permits as of right now. According to the official permit site for City of Orlando, those locations are Sprung One, Sprung Two, and the Disaster Queue. For those not terribly familiar with the locations, the “Sprung” houses are the ones in tents behind The Simpsons and Men in Black. The Disaster Queue is the house that starts behind Beetlejuice, and and empties in Disaster. This is not really huge news, as these three locations are typically used every year. The only thing that is a big deal is that the permits are filed a bit earlier than normal. Usually permits don’t begin until June, with a heavy build schedule. However, with ongoing Diagon Alley construction, Universal might be just trying to get a jump…BUT..guests around the park did tell us a few days ago that there was a large amount of black lumber going into the Disaster queue. Not really a clue as it takes tons of wood to get the event going. Still…


Rumors are always present, and as construction begins they always tend to grow. Before we begin, we must stress that these are just rumors. They are not really happening. Until Universal Orlando announces the houses, these are just whispers through the darkened forest.

Again, these are just rumors and speculation.


  • This year will see the largest house constructed in HHN history. No clue on what the house will be, but we are told that it will be tied to two scare zones. Not sure, but it sounds like a scare zone could lead the house, and guests could be blasted as they exit the house through another scare zone.
  • Walking Dead will return. We’ve been told before that Universal and AMC have a three year contract, and we’ve also seen tweeted on the official Walking Dead Comic Twitter that Walking Dead WILL NOT return. Who to believe? According to rumors, the property will return, but in a much diminished capacity from the previous two years.
  • No Icon. The team will continue on with no set story, and no set icon. Just like last year, they will leave each to tell their own story…though Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, and Resident Evil…as well as The Walking Dead did appear to weave a similar strand through each other. This year will once again be no set theme.
  • Icon. Yeah…six of one, half dozen of your mom. This year will see the return to Icons, though it will not be the main focal point. If there is an icon, it will be to tie in with in-park play, and give the uber fans something to appease them.
  • In Park Play. There will be a much bigger push on mobile applications. Unlike in years past, where fans had to flock together, this year it will be survival of the fittest, and only those with quick minds (and good cell reception) will be able to get somewhere in the games.
  • HHN Hollywood Houses. This year HHN Orlando will get more houses from HHN Hollywood, the biggest rumor pointing to Insidious. That house was a huge hit at HHN Hollywood, and could even be bigger in Orlando. The next rumor is a toss up between El Cucuy, and Black Sabbath.
  • Halloween. This is one boring franchise. Guy in a mask walks around stabbing people…still people have been asking for this for years. It’s been featured several times at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood…and, yeah…well not it could be in Orlando. Yay (yawn).
  • Witches of East End. It’s an NBC Show. NBC and Universal are the same company. It’s about witches…yeah…all I know. Not sure I see this happening, especially if The Walking Dead will return. It may have it’s fans, but it’s not exactly mainstream enough.
  • American Horror Story. The first three seasons come to life in a huge house. It’s been a rumor for a while, so who knows.
  • Video Game House. HHN Orlando broke ground last year with their first ever house based purely on a video game. This year the rumors split. One rumor has the classic hell traveling game DOOM as a house. The other rumor (the one I lean towards) has a game not yet on the big screen. Which could it be? I’m hearing a huge rumbling of BioShock…and yes, technically they did the same thing with “Saws n Steam”…but it’s not the same thing.
  • Urban Legends. Love this rumor. Last year, Mike Aiello said that Urban Legends could be an ongoing theme every year, with new legends surfacing every year. While last year we got an expanded version of La Llorona (which was amazing), this year it stands to reason we’ll get El Cucuy. However, we’ve also heard that there will be an original concept concerning another urban legend. Not going to share, but I’m very excited if it’s true. Just think of monsters….gnarly, child eating monsters.


So what will stick and what will slide off? Who can say. We love rumors, so if you’ve heard anything good, let us know in the comments below! Keep in mind that rumors are NOT really what is happening, but they are a glimmer of what could be. Nothing is official until the park announces it.

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For more information about Halloween Horror Nights Orlando, visit the official website by clicking here!