Holiday World launches countdown to new attraction for 2015


Long the long, arduous voyage of the Pilgrims who sailed to Massachusetts to begin life again, coaster fans and theme park enthusiasts are going to have to wait 66 days until the news is broken about the all new major attraction that will open in 2015. The park has launched an all new website, and with it the first clue. What will we find at the end of the long voyage? Only the Holiday World Pilgrims know for sure…but we have an idea.



At last the day is here. After years of planning, we depart for the New World. The children can barely contain their excitement. I tell them they must be patient. And so must I.

The first clue has been revealed for the all new Holiday World project, and the all new website has been launched. Every day for the next 66 days, there will be an all new clue revealed and at the end, the huge new project.

“As we continue to expand our Thanksgiving section, we look for ways to tie into that theme,” says Matt Eckert, president of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. “Knowing the Mayflower was at sea for 66 days gave us the idea to count down the days until we announce our expansion for 2015.”

What exactly will the new attraction be? Clues have been “rolling out” (click here for full list of clues so far) and the biggest clue is that we have a picture of wooden blocks. 66 of them to be exact.




Wooden blocks…wooden coaster perhaps? Maybe. Holiday World opened it’s last coaster, the award winning, record breaking Voyage back in 2006. Since then the park has been breaking records with water rides, water slides, and tons of other family friendly expansions.

“I cannot confirm nor deny that this project includes a roller coaster,” says Eckert. “But I can confirm that this is by far the largest expansion project in our seven-decade history.”


So what exactly will happen in 66 days? A huge announcement, definitely, that will launch the biggest expansion in Holiday World History. July 24th will be the day that Holiday World will reveal to the world what exactly is happening.

“We’re mixing our park’s themes for this announcement,” says Eckert, “as it will fall on ‘Christmas Eve in July.’ Our announcement will coincide with the start of a construction phase that would undoubtedly give away any part of the secret that still existed.”


We’ve been speculating about what this could all mean. It’s a safe bet to say that the new expansion could include an all new coaster. Currently the coaster trend is to push wood in all new directions with record breaking drops, speeds and inversions, sending riders around wooden coasters that simply weren’t possible before. It’s very likely that Holiday World could get an all new wooden-steel hybrid, or the park could get it’s first major steel coaster. Currently the park only has three wooden coasters, and a kiddie coaster.


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