Holiday World teasing new 2015 attraction-Is a new coaster “rolling” to town?


What is Holiday World cooking up? While the summer season is just starting for many parks, Holiday World is already making teases for next season. The little holiday themed park in the midwest is home to one of the most legendary roller coasters in the world-The Voyage. Since the park opened the record breaking coaster in 2006, the park has been busy building record breaking waterslides, and trying to bring Bluegrass-Boardwalk to Kentucky Kingdom. Still, it’s very likely the next project could be an all new coaster.



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On the latest HoliBlog post, the author Leah Koch talks about secrets and how it’s her turn to have them. Fine, good…whatever. The real juice lies in the picture. Wooden blocks with 5.19.14 adorn a picture accompanying the post that tries to be cryptic. The other thing is that she talks about The Voyage, a lot. And even another is the little tease that’s given:

And as 2015 rolls closer …

Oh no, have I said too much?

But the killer is the website, that is right now a redirect back to Holiday World’s website.

The clues lie in that right there. The Voyage is a roller coaster themed to a ship, with the station serving as the ship itself, and the coaster track being the voyage that you must take. What ship do we know of that is brought up around the Holidays…specifically the holidays that Holiday World celebrates…namely Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s a ship that “voyaged” for 66 days to bring a group of pilgrims to a new world? That’s right, the Titanic!…wait…that’s not right. Yes, the Mayflower.

Now one of two things are happening. Either there is a new coaster coming, which would make it the fourth wooden coaster to hit Holiday World, or there is going to be a major overhaul of The Voyage. Many parks are taking wooden roller coasters and taking them higher, steeper and sending them through inversions like we’ve never seen before. This is thanks in large part to a steel-wood hybrid system that was perfected by Rocky Mountain Coasters.

So which is it? We’ll find out Monday May 19th as the news is broken, and the 66 days website goes live.

In a huge bout of coincidence, Holiday World is making the announcement just days before Kentucky Kingdom reopens their gates. At one point in the past few years, Holiday World management was in talks to buy and operate Kentucky Kingdom….sour grapes, or just perfect timing? Fun for theme park lovers regardless.

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