Live action Cinderella teases more magical things to come at Disney


One glass slipper. That’s how the dream started, and that’s how dreams came true. In the next year movie goers and Disney guests will see a lot more of the singular glass slipper as Director Kenneth Branagh’s highly anticipated live action Cinderella gears up yo hit the screen. Today the studio has released the first teaser for the film, and it hints that even more magic could be in store for Disney fans in the very near future.


The first teaser poster and trailer has hit the Web and it’s brilliant in simplicity.  Cinderella is the latest in animated fairy tales to make the jump to live action. Later this month, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie will hit theaters,  and most likely start a trend that will mean even more films based on Disney’s animated hits.

Video – Watch the teaser For Disney’s live action Cinderella

If Cinderella proves to be a hit, what magic could it produce for theme park fans? Cinderella Castle is already a theme park landmark at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  Late last year Princess Fairy Tale Hall became the meeting place for all visiting princesses, hosted by Cinderella. 
If the trend continues, theme park guests could see a big attraction,  and a greater presence of Cinderella in the parks.
When Pirates of the Caribbean became a huge hit, guests were treated to a likeness of Captain Jack Sparrow in the classic attraction. With the huge success of Frozen, the impact in the parks is growing. A simple meet and greet in Epcot’s Norway was so popular that it moved to Princess Fairy Tale Hall at Magic Kingdom. The experience with Elsa and Anna now commands now and three hour waits.  Rumors persist that a whole new attraction based on Frozen is in the works somewhere at Walt Disney World,  with the biggest rumors rumor having Olaf, Anna and Elsa taking over the Maelstrom attraction in Epcot’s Norway pavilion. 
While the decision of whether a full blown Cinderella attraction depends on the box office performance,  it’s very likely that it will become a juggernaut. With director Kenneth Branagh at the helm, the film is sure to gather a lot o f buzz as well as a unique style.
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