Miners Wanted! Get ready for the May 28th opening of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opens May 28th at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The highly anticipated coaster is all ready for guests, and the train is already running through the mine. The only thing that’s needed before the all new attraction can open? Miners. Disney guests and fans can now be miners, and they can also choose which Disney character will join the Dwarfs as an all new Miner. It’s all part of the big marketing push for Walt Disney World’s newest attraction.




Starting Tuesday May 6th, fans can become a miner by visiting the official Disney website (click here). Once your miner name has been chosen, you can then hop over to the official Walt Disney World Facebook Page (click here) and vote for your favorite Disney character. Characters are from Disney movies, and attractions. You can choose characters like Elsa from Frozen, Maleficent, and even Figment. The votes will determine which character moves on to do different challenges throughout the month of May. The challenges will then get your characters gems, and the character with the most gems wins.

Confused? Us too…but we’re sure that everything will become clear once the game officially starts.

Video-Go for a ride on the all new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster at Walt Disney World


The all new coaster will be the final piece of The New Fantasyland to open when it makes it’s official debut for guests on May 28th. While many were hoping for a soft opening very soon, it’s not looking like it will happen, although it still could. With just about three weeks left, the park may want to get an idea of how to handle the heavy crowds that will definitely be lining up to experience the new coaster.

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For more information on how you can become a miner, and how to vote for your favorites, visit the official Disney Parks Blog by clicking here!