New experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is for the birds…or about the birds?


Disney Park Blog announced earlier today that  Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort will be launching an all new experience this summer…and it’s for the birds. Or should we say about the birds? The all new experience, Winged Encounters-The Kingdom Takes Flight will be an all new interactive experience that let’s guests see colorful tropical birds like they’ve never seen them before.



The all new experience will let colorful Macaws fly freely around Discovery Island. The experience is done by the same people who help perform the “Wonders of Flight” show in the park. Unlike many other experiences featuring birds, Winged Encounters will have no nets and will let the birds fly as freely as they wish. The birds have been taking test flights in the early morning hours to help get them acquainted with flying through the park.

There will be six different types of Macaws taking flight, all of which will be free to go where ever they please. Avian experts will also have macaws on hand to give up close encounters, as well as talk about conservation stories about South and Central America. Most species of macaw are endangered or threatened due to the large amount of their natural environments being depleted, and the large export of the birds for pets.

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