Pantopia shines at Busch Gardens Tampa as Falcons hath no Fury


Busch Gardens Tampa has a brand new land that has sprung from the middle of the desert. Pantopia is a magical place where travelers have come to unlock new mysteries, new adventures, and to unlock the spirit of the animals. While the land is full of colors, animals and the spirit of adventure, one thing that it doesn’t have is falcons. The signature attraction, Falcon’s Fury has been delayed from it’s original opening date of May 1st, and is still looking like it’s having issues. Still, we take a look around the all new area and travel to a land where all you need is a key to open the door to adventure.




Pantopia at Busch Gardens Tampa has taken the existing land of Timbuktu and kicked it up a few notches. Timbuktu was a pit stop in the middle of the long road between Egypt and the Congo sections of the park, giving guests a few rides and places to sit before continuing on the journey. It was an oasis in the middle of the desert. Now, that oasis bubbles over with life, themeing and all new adventures as Pantopia explodes into the area with tons of new colors and a huge new focus on the spirits of the animals. In fact, the first thing you see as you walk under the archway of Pantopia are animals etched into the walls.






The first stop is the famed Dragon Fire Grill, this all new eatery is nestled right between the entrance and the former Desert Grill. The counter service shop serves grilled meats and fire roasted food, all wrapped up in pitas and different wraps.



Pantopia Grill is the same old Desert Grill, with plenty of indoor seating and a huge stage. Shows play at different times throughout the day, and this is the main stage in Busch Gardens Tampa. The menu hasn’t changed much, as you can still get the widest variety of food here. It’s also a counter service, but more of a cafeteria style than just a walk up counter.





Twisted Tails Pretzels is the first shop in the area that has a story. The story of the pretzel maker was inspired by two Lemurs who were entwined by the tails, always going together. The shop serves tons of variants on pretzels, including pretzel dogs, pretzel bites and pretzels on sticks.


The Lynx Frozen Treats tells the story of a man who owned a travel company, en route from Antarctica. The plane he used crashed, and instead of fixing it, he decided to open an ice cream shop using the ice he had stowed on board. The detail is in the plane.









Shops and statues, little trinkets and many little seemingly random objects litter the landscape of Pantopia. The entire area is just a collection of different people, cultures and animals. There are jugglers, acrobats and all manner of performers who travel throughout the area. While Timbuktu was a middle ground, Pantopia is a melting pot in the middle of the desert.

Video-Walk through the streets and shops of Pantopia at Busch Gardens Tampa!


Falcon’s Fury Delayed



The big centerpiece of the entire area, is supposed to be Falcon’s Fury. The record breaking drop tower will take guests to a height of 335 feet, turn them 90 degrees face down…and drop them right back to the ground. However, construction delays (and rumors suggest manufacture problems) have prevented the all new drop tower from opening.

Busch Gardens has released a few teases on the new attraction, including a POV of the new ride

Video-Take a ride on Falcon’s Fury





Crews still work almost round the clock to get this white knuckled scream machine up and running. In the meantime, however, merchandise is being sold for the new attraction, including a really killer new shirt. The shirt gives the stats on the ride, as well as a very cool Falcon logo.


Slideshow-Check out even more pictures from Pantopia and Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa


While there is no opening date for Falcon’s Fury, Pantopia is now fully open with tons of rides, shows throughout the day and of course the smell of great food.

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