SeaWorld Orlando’s Discovery Cove breaks barriers for annual Gay Day celebration


Gay Days in Central Florida is a tradition that goes back for the Gay and Lesbian community over 20 years. It’s a gathering of people in the GLBT community who get together one week out of the year at Central Florida theme parks and feel free to be who they are. The event started as a Disney exclusive event, and has moved on to other Central Florida theme parks, including Universal and SeaWorld. While none of the parks have forbid any kind of gatherings (in fact many parks have after hours parties in the park) none of the parks have openly embraced it either. Until now. SeaWorld Orlando’s all inclusive resort. Discovery Cove is offering a special discount, just for Gay Days.



Discovery Cove is breaking the barriers by being the first theme park to openly offer a special deal just for Gay Days. The all inclusive theme park experience will have a special price for a very limited time where guests can save up to $160 dollars a person. There are two packages currently offered, one package allows guests to get up close and personal with a dolphin, and even swim with the dolphins. The other allows guests to get all the regular offerings of Discovery Cove without the having to book a dolphin package.

Video-Take a swim along the Grand Reef at Discovery Cove 



Other up charge specialties include SeaVenture, allowing guests to walk along the bottom of the Grand Reef and get unique interactions with the animals in the area.

Video-Take a Walk Inside Grand Reef with SeaVenture

If you’re not into swimming in saltwater, the park also offers Freshwater Oasis, a freshwater animal area that includes otters, as well as marmosets.
Video-Get a look at otters, marmosets and more at Frewshwater Oasis!


Daily resort packages, with or without the dolphin swim, include everything you need for a fun day. Food, drinks, breakfast, lunch, snacks, even snorkel, mask and sunscreen are all provided! There are lockers for all of your stuff, as well as a free picture.

While Gay Days is something that has been going on for quite a while, most parks have treated it like a secret, offering events after hours. Discovery Cove is hopefully setting a trend that will encourage other parks to offer not only discounts, but maybe eventually specifically branded merchandise.

Special discounts already exist for Florida Residents, as well as passholders at Discovery Cove. While this offer is in honor of Gay Days, it doesn’t seem to be exclusive to those attending the event…so, again Discovery Cove is removing yet another barrier by not discriminating anyone.

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For more information about Discovery Cove, including the special Gay Days discount, visit the official Discovery Cove website by clicking here!