Star Wars-Episode VII:What is the official name of the new film?


Star Wars Episode VII has officially started production with Disney Now calling the shots, and director J.J. Abrams at the helm. We know where the film has been shooting, we know it’s going to involve Luke, Han and Leia…as well as Chewbacca C- 330 and R2-D2. You don’t honestly think it’s going to be called Episode VII do you? No the episode numbers are just to give you an indication of which film in the series it is, but the real title is usually the indication of where the story is headed. So, what is the title of the film?


The name of the next film hasn’t been released yet. However,  the rumor mill is working overtime with a whole batch of new film names. Could one of these new names be right?

-Order of the Jedi: This title comes from and is said to be leaked on a twitter account that was linked to someone working on the film. The tweet has since been removed.
-Rise of the Jedi:This title was uncovered by Latino Review in an interview with the son of George Lucas. Jedi’s have risen before…sounds a little hokey
-Return of the Sith:Another exclusive from Latino Review, Return of the Sith does invoke who the bad guys are going to be, and the new danger that our good guys are facing. It does sound a little too much like Episodes 3 and 6 though.
-The Ancient Fear: This comes by way of the biggest geek on the Internet,  Harry at Ain’t it Cool. The Ancient Fear seems to be talking about Max Von Sydow’s character, and allegedly he makes Vader and Palpatine look like sorority sisters. Personally I love this title because

it sounds like something that isn’t Star Wars.  Kind of like Empire Strikes Back.

It’s out of left field.
-The Quest for More Money: umm…never mind, that’s Spaceballs.

So what do you think? Which title sticks out the most for you? Keep in mind that both George Lucas and J.J. Abrams like to keep people guessing, and want everything a secret….so it’s possible that these all could be fake. There’s a good chance that we won’t know anything until this year’s San Diego Comic Con, that’s when a lot of companies like to roll out their big juicy information.
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