Taumata Racer Ready To Make A Splash At Aquatica San Diego


Exactly 1 year after opening its gates, Aquatica San Diego is receiving its first major addition, Taumata Racer. The new attraction is as memorable for its fun and excitement as it is for its name. Named for a famous hill in New Zealand, Taumata is short for the 85-letter Maori word “Taumata-whakatangihanga-koauau-o-tamatea-turi-pukakapiki-maunga-horo-nuku-pokai-whenua-kitanatahu.” Roughly translated, this Guinness Book of World Records word means “The summit where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the climber of mountains, the land-swallower who traveled about, played his flute to his loved one.”


Those familiar with Aquatica in Orlando will recognize the name though there are some major differences between the two versions. Taumata Racer in San Diego, manufactured by ProSlides of Ontario, Canada, features six side-by-side lanes. Park guests speed down three steep hills on a mat head first. Riders zoom down a 375-foot slide, around a 180-degree swooping turn, and in and out of tunnels before racing them across the finish line.


For a more in depth look at the all new attraction, be sure to check out the video below.

Taumata Racer is expected to open Memorial Day Weekend at Aquatica San Diego.

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