Universal Orlando gives a first look at the Hogwarts Express, coming to Diagon Alley this Summer


Universal Orlando has felt like opening their own chamber of secrets for the past few days, giving fans a look at the all new Diagon Alley, and spilling a few details. Earlier today Universal gave a look at the Goblins from Gringott’s (click here), and now the park is giving a special look at another exclusive experience that will transport you from one world to the next…literally. The Hogwarts Express will be a huge part of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida, and the park is giving us a look at what we can expect.

hogwarts express


The Hogwarts Express will take guests from Universal Studios Florida to Islands of Adventure. More accurately, it will take Muggles and wizards alike from Kings Cross Station and Platform 9 3/4 to Hogsmeade Station and the village of Hogsmeade. This is the most detailed ride vehicle that Universal creative has built, and in fact, it is so loyal to the film and the book description, that it just might be the most detailed ride vehicle ever created. Every bit of the Hogwarts Express that you know and love has been painstakingly recreated, even down to the signature whistle of the train.




Guests will be able to board at either London and go to Hogsmeade, or they will be able to board at Hogsmeade and go to London. Each trip will bring on a new journey,and guests will see everything that they’ve expected to see on a trip aboard the Hogwarts Express. They will encounter the Weasley Twins, Hagrid Buckbeak and more on the trip to Hogwarts, and could encounter The Knight Bus as well as other surprises on the way to London.

Video-Check out the first up close look of The Hogwarts Express

Universal will most likely continue these behind the scenes updates, and will give us even more up close looks at Diagon Alley as the opening date gets closer. Plus, the Today Show will begin giving looks at Diagon Alley on May 13th as part of a huge new contest (click here) that will last six days. An opening date is also expected to be announced sometime within that time frame, though that’s not confirmed.


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