Will Orlando get the world’s tallest roller coaster?


Orlando is am international tourist destination, known more for fa my fun than record breaking thrills. That could change if reports are correct. Orlando could be home to the Polercoaster,  which will reach the heavens and break records. Could.


Last November at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA for industry followers) US Thrill Rides announced that they had a buyer somewhere in Florida, but wouldn’t say where. Now, according to Orlando news station WESH, the coaster has secretly been developing a home for a few months. Their reporters say that the developer of  an all new restaurant,  Mango’s Tropical Cafe, could be the potential developer with a coaster site just a block away from the new restaurant.
The all new coaster is a record breaking vertical coaster with a vertical footprint instead of a horizontal footprint…In other words it goes up instead of out. The coaster would reportedly break the 500 foot mark, taking the height record away from current record holder Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.
No official announcements have been made, but it looks like the all new coaster will find a home on International Drive, just down the street from Central Florida’s largest (And only) Observation wheel which opens next spring.
Update 5-31-14
Rumor guru Screamscape has uncovered moredetails about the all new Polercoaster, including a name. While Wesh was on the right track, Screamscape has brought it home with tons of details like the fact that the new coaster will only be one part of a much larger project. It will be part of something called the Skyscraper Skyplex and will feature shops, restaurants, go kart tracks, adult party rooms and more. The signature piece will be the 500+ foot tower which will house a restaurant at the top, with an observation deck and area for conventions, concerts and more. Of course the coaster…named the Skyscraper, will be on the outside of the building and will feature on ride cameras.
Screamscape says an official announcement could come this month.

Update 6-1-14

A website has been discovered with more details, and concept art about the project (thanks to Orlando United for the heads up).







The art from the project gives a good look at what guests could possibly expect from the area, and how it will sit in conjunction from the rest of the project. The defining feature of the area will definitely be the Skyscraper coaster, sitting prominently in the middle of the entire complex.

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