Wizarding World of Harry Potter gets even closer to opening at Universal Orlando


It’s not even summer yet, but preparations are already underway for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. The park is knee deep in preparations for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, with an opening date expected at any time, with many new additions being added to the Diagon Alley section of the park. We take a look around the latest updates.


The biggest changes come from The London side of Diagon Alley.  The facade is almost complete with the Knight Bus in place, with the latest addition being a huge replica of the Shaftesbury Monument Memorial Fountain in Picadilly Circus. The fountain is complete with the Statue of Eros on top.


Fans of the JAWS attraction,  which is what Diagon Alley is replacing,  will be sad to know that the last remaining piece of Amity is being slowly rethemed. The Village Circle Hall were the bathrooms that serviced the village of Amity. They are being converted to match the nearby Diagon Alley area. It was a move that was expected, though many  fans were hoping it would remain as a tribute.  Still, it’s a positive sign that Diagon Alley is nearing completion.


The details of Diagon Alley will be so intricate that even the lamps along the bridge are being redone. The new lamps are adorned with fish and look straight out of London. If they look that way, it’s because the entire area is designed to look exactly as the London area does.


Finally,  for fans of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, the first signs are starting to pop up.  While waiting in line for The Simpsons Ride, a quick peak through the bushes reveals a construction wall being erected around the area that holds the tent houses. While it’s nothing super exciting, it’s a great sign that work will begin very soon for HHN. Permits have not yet been released,  which traditionally are found in early June. There is nothing solid about this year’s event, except that it is happening,  it will have mazes and there will most likely be fog.
Rumors are swirling in many different directions,  and point to everything from The Walking Dead, to films like Insidious and even video games. At this point it’s too early to know anything for sure…but it’s still fun to guess.


Photo Courtesy of Marques R


The infamous black tarp has started going up in the Disaster queue as well, which means that either HHN construction is starting there, or they will use the area for staging area of some sorts for Potter. Most likely it’s HHN, as the area has been used as a house for a number of years.

All photos courtesy of JSL Photography
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