Dark wizards will not roam Universal Orlando for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights


The first official house of HHN 24 has been announced.  The walls are down at Diagon Alley.  It’s a sign, right? Unfortunately yes, but not the sign that guests will want to see. Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley will not be open during this year’s Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando.


It seems like a perfect fit. Dark wizards roaming the streets of Diagon Alley,  while the Walking Dead roam the streets, hungry and able to smell the Wizards inside,  but unable to get close due to an enchantment. Unfortunately,  Universal has already put those rumors to rest.
Via the official HHN Orlando website:


Yes, Diagon Alley will not be open. To date, no part of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been open during HHN. Some say it’s a contract with Rowling herself, others point to the fact that the area is just too popular for HHN. Probably the biggest reason is that Hogwarts Express can’t open unless Islands of Adventure is open. The last time two parks were used was 2005 for HHN 15. Could it happen? Yes, but at this point it’s very unlikely.
There was a rumorrumor floating around earlier this year, due to questions on a survey, that a separate kids event would happen at Islands of Adventure, and would include a trip to Diagon Alley,  but that has yet to come to fruition.
Still, while it may be amazing to have a “Not so scary Harry” event,  the park is open during the day, which gives plenty of time to enjoy Diagon Alley during the day, and have the hell scared out of you at night!

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