Honda owners can get special access to Colossus this Friday, as Six Flags Magic Mountain prepares for it’s closure


It’s been a great ride, but Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain is about to bite the dust. The iconic coaster will make it’s final ride on August 16th in order to make way for something new. However, this Friday Honda drivers can get special access to the ride and get in some last minute lovin before the big guy closes for good.




Since the beginning of June, Fridays have been extra special for Honda drivers at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The park has been working with SoCal Honda to bring special perks, just for being a Honda driver. The park has been giving Honda owners special early access to the park, and the chance to ride two of Magic Mountain’s signature attractions before the park even opens.

This Friday the folks at Honda are doing it again when they give their drivers special early access to the park, and ERT on Colossus. The iconic coaster is in it’s final days, and lines have been getting long with fans trying to get as many rides in as possible. Scream is also included with ERT this Friday, but more importantly is Colossus.

The first 50 Honda drivers also get free parking, and complimentary lockers. The guys in blue will also be in the park to help beat the heat with misters, give your cell phone a quick recharge and will even have some Bugs Bunny Bucks to help with lunch.

A park ticket is needed,but past that, all you have to do is show up in your Honda. Then take your Honda key to the front gate and tell them you’re there to see the guys in blue.

It’s all courtesy of SoCal Honda, and will be happening for Honda drivers all summer long, until August 29th. For more information about which rides will get ERT each week, visit and like the official SoCal Honda Facebook page (click here).


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