Ketchup is a sin! A sneak peek at the all new Hot Dog Hall of Fame at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk


“Never ever, ever under any circumstance do you put Ketchup on a Hot Dog!,” says Steven Schussler, a big fan of Hot Dogs and the Hot Dog Hall of Fame Developer.  That’s not to say that you can’t put Ketchup on your Hot Dog, but Hot Dog Hall of Fame won’t do it for you – you’ll have to do that part yourself. But… Mustard fans, rejoice! Hot Dog Hall of Fame is part of a complete revamp of CityWalk featuring new restaurants that will amp up the flavor at Universal CityWalk. Many restaurants, including Antojitos, Menchie’s, Cold Stone Creamery, Vivo Italian Restaurant, Red Oven Pizza, and Starbucks have already made their debut earlier this year, but the next to make it’s debut at Universal CityWalk will be Hot Dog Hall of Fame. Although Hot Dog Hall of Fame isn’t quite ready to make it’s debut just yet, we were able to preview Hot Dog Hall of Fame, some of it’s mustards, and many other features the restaurant will offer to share with you prior to the grand opening.


Why Hot Dog Hall of Fame? America loves Hot Dogs! In 2013, Forbes estimated 7 billion Hot Dogs would be consumed by Americans between Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2013. Hot Dog Hall of Fame offers a wide variety of activities that incorporate Hot Dogs in a fun way plus the restaurant offers a wide variety of Hot Dog choices so guests can visit multiple times and try something new every single time. Although the main focus is on one of America’s favorite foods, eating isn’t the only thing you can do at Hot Dog Hall of Fame.


Hot Dog Hall of Fame offers The Art of Mustard, which you won’t find anywhere else! You can show your true Hot Dog Art skills with The Art of Mustard by painting Mustard onto your Hot Dog. Guests will be able to choose their mustard, dip a paint brush in the mustard, and then paint away! Feel free to consume your Hot Dog masterpiece when you’re finished. After all, it’s still a Hot Dog! Once you’re done painting Mustard onto your Hot Dog, you can paint your own wiener. Hot Dog Hall of Fame will be offering a blank canvas Wiener Dog that guests will be able to paint, take home, and collect. Paint Your Own Wiener is perfect for families and will bring the whole family together. Guests can compare their painted wiener to their friends, collect them, and in general just spend time with each other while doing arts and crafts. Hot Dog Hall of Fame will also offer Hot Dog hats and will feature guests enjoying Hot Dogs on the Jumbotron outside the venue.

On top of all of that, the Hot Dog Hall of Fame will offer:

  • 5 different types of wiener buns
  • 12 different Mustards you can put on your wiener
  • 5 different types of Beers

Imagine the possibilities! There are so many opportunities to try something different every single time you visit Hot Dog Hall of Fame that it will never get old.


Once guests have chosen their meal, they have the option to head outside and eat. There’s nothing like enjoying an American-favorite in the style of America’s past-time with baseball field style seating. In fact, many of the seats have come from Baseball stadiums across the county.

Video: Preview of Hot Dog Hall of Fame

Hot Dog Hall of Fame isn’t quite ready to open yet, but it will be opening very soon. Several other restaurants are still in the process of being built at Universal CityWalk, including Cowfish and Breadbox.

View even more pictures of Hot Dog Hall of Fame in our slideshow:

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