WaterWorld to Expand Seating for Harry Potter Sized Crowds at Universal Studios Hollywood


This has been a big year for the 18+ year old stunt show at Universal Studios Hollywood. This past spring the show saw a 1 month long refurbishment that completely refreshed and updated the always popular show. It appears that the improvements are not done yet. Eagle-eyed guests will notice large steel structures popping up behind each of the three sections of bleachers. It’s expected that this will greatly increase the amount of guests per show as the park continues to restructure and brace itself for the massive crowds expected once The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens in 2016.



Guests will now have to walk under the bleachers as they enter and exit the show, hopefully Universal Creative can thing of some awesome themeing opportunities for these new tunnels.



This is not the only measure Universal has taken to brace itself of huge crowds, numerous parking structures are currently under construction as well as the entire upper lot facing complete restructuring with the additions of Super Silly Funland and soon Springfield. This also means that fans of the show can expect it to stay long after Harry Potter opens. Be sure to check out of full video of WaterWorld 2.0 at the link below.

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