Cedar Point to LeBron James: “Come back and we’ll name a coaster after you!”


Four years ago, LeBron James was not a well liked person in Cleveland. His jerseys were doused and set on fire, his name was followed by several curse words, and every time he won a little piece of basketball fans in Cleveland died inside. The owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers even personally guaranteed that his basketball team would get a championship before LeBron would. Two championship rings later, and four consecutive trips to the NBA Finals later, and Cleveland still hasn’t had a championship. Despite the fact that the entire city of Cleveland once seemed to hate him, they are now begging him back. Even nearby Cedar Point is getting in on the action, and offering to sweeten the deal if LeBron goes back to Cleveland.




Today the official Cedar Point Twitter account made the declaration that if James would go back to Cleveland they would name a coaster after him. The move was a huge one by the park to help boost Ohio tourism. The park has hosted LeBron before, and you just can’t go to Ohio without visiting Cedar Point.

So which coaster would you like to see renamed “King James”? Many say Mean Streak, although we’re thinking a king needs a huge thrown to be perched upon, and there’s no larger throne in the park than Top Thrill Dragster.

As a South Floridian, this is not good news for us. The Miami Heat is a huge draw. As a theme park fan, however…it’s still not good news, as we’d much rather see the 2014 San Antonio Spurs continue their streak…plus we’re huge fans of SeaWorld San Antonio.

Either way, it’s going to be fun to see where he gets, and which coaster is renamed. Now if we could only get Disney to rename Space Mountain to get him to go to the Orlando Magic!
According to USA Today LeBron James will return to Cleveland. The rest of the team, who helped James get to two NBA Championships, still have to announce if they’re going to join James in Cleveland.
Now the question is, will Cedar Point offer to rename the rest of the park’s coasters after the other key members of the team. Also, which coaster will now be dubbed King James?
The other question that remains is if this will just be an honorary naming, or will the coaster be named King James permanently.
Which coaster would you like to see renamed?
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