Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain derails, injuring four


A thrilling ride on one of the eighteen coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain has turned tragic as Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain has derailed, injuring four, and stranding several more, according to news reports. Fire crews remain on the scene as they work to free about 24 other riders who were stranded on the ride when it derailed. While it’s not immediately known, and officials are not commenting, it’s reported that the coaster has derailed after striking a tree.




Ninja is a classic Arrow Dynamics Suspended Coaster. That particular design is where the coaster car sits beneath the track as riders sway back and forth. The ride opened in 1988, and is considered a family coaster, with a height requirement of just 42 inches.
Video-Crews work to help riders stuck on Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain

According to videos and reports, the coaster became dislodged slightly, and the first few cars of the train became angled when a tree fell onto the track as the coaster was passing by. The coaster is in a wooded area of the park, which gives riders the sensation of nearly missing the trees.

This is not the first accident that Six Flags has had on one of it’s coasters. In 2013 a woman died on The “New Texas Giant” coaster after she was thrown from the coaster. The harness was not properly holding the woman in place.

Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported so far on Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain, although four were treated for injuries. Several in park witnesses said that the entire area remained closed as crews worked to free stranded riders.
Coaster accidents are a rare occurance and deaths on coasters are even more rare. While this was an unfortunate accident, it’s something that is basically just a freak accident. Rides on coasters are statistically safer than walking out your front door and driving to work. Guest safety is a parks number one concern, and parks take huge precautions to avoid accidents like this.
Six Flags has issued a statement about the accident, and as suspected, it was just a freak accident. All riders were cleared, with only minor injuries.

“Earlier this evening, a tree branch fell on the track of the roller coaster, Ninja, obstructing the train. Park medical staff and local paramedics were immediately called to the scene. Of the 22 guests safely evacuated, two were transported to a local hospital for precautionary measures.”

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