HersheyPark teases new attraction with riddles and rhymes


Summer is still beating down on HersheyPark, but the sweet candy themed fun park is already looking forward to next year as it teases it’s newest attraction. The park’s official 2015 website (click here) has the first clue, and it’s a bit of a riddle. So what exactly will come to the park next, and what will it replace?




“Where Red, White & Blue deck the halls is where my full house will fall” is the first clue. The site itself has very bright colors, with darker backgrounds. The colors look like something you may see in a fun house, or classic dark ride with traditional blacklights. The characters also look like something you could find in a traditional dark ride, with the Queen of Hearts and a hippo on a string. The park added Skyrush in 2012, and a kids coaster with Cocoa Cruiser this year, so it’s not very likely to be yet another coaster, although if the park does add another, it will bring it’s total coaster count up to 13, which gets it dangerously close to the number of coasters that Kings Island and Kings Dominion has, and pushes it past Six Flags Great Adventure.

The new clues will come every Tuesday, we’re assuming until the end of the season. Tuesday seems like an odd day to release clues, perhaps there’s some significance there with Tuesday?

Stay tuned as we help to decipher the clues and find out just what is coming to HersheyPark. Be sure to get social with us on Facebook, and follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest updates!

For more information about HersheyPark, including clues and tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!