San Diego Comic Con-Warner Brothers showcases Batman Vs. Superman, The Hobbit and much more!


Warner Brothers wowed the Hall H crowd at San Diego Comic Con during their two hour presentation at this year’s event. While the films that were presented were flat out amazing, and really got the crowd worked up, there were no real surprises as the studio rolled out their previously announced films. However, what was rolled out will have audiences giddy for the coming winter, and next summer.


Gal Wonder Woman


The biggest impact came from the 2016 release-Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The studio revealed our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and gave us a very short teaser.




On Thursday, fans were treated to an all new picture of Ben Affleck in full on Batman cowl, with brooding look and chin flaring. It’s a great look at the new Batman, and is starting to get crowds worked into a fever pitch of the 2016 film.

Speaking of the film- The teaser from Comic Con was very short, and showed a glimpse of the two. Here’s a run down:

Batman is in Gotham on a rooftop in the rain. Perfect scene set as he rolls back a tarp to reveal the Bat-Signal. His armor is completely new-big, bulky and ready for battle. It looks like it’s been ripped right from the pages of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns comic. His eyes are glowing white. As he flips on the light, we see Superman hovering in the light-with the Bat-Signal in the background. He looks positively pissed off as his heat vision makes his eyes glow red, glaring at Batman.


That’s all we get for now. Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill take the stage and talk about how great the production is going. The film hits theaters on May 6th , 2016.





The next big film was a look at Jupiter Ascending. That film was supposed to open this summer, but was pushed back to February 6th 2015. Tanning Chatum took the stage to talk about the film and showcase a huge clip with tons of great footage. Here’s what we’ve learned about the story-The human race was seeded by alien life, and now there’s a race of aliens that want to rule it. Jupiter, played by Mila Kunis, is royalty and is pretty much immortal-as she’s reborn often with the same DNA make up. The film features some pretty stunning new effects and creatures. The directors of The Matrix Films- The Wachowski’s directed this one.



Mad Max director George Miller took the stage to introduce our first real look at the Road Warrior, in his first film since Mad Max-Beyond Thunderdome. The new film-Fury Road, is a long time in the making. Instead of picking up right where the last film left off, we join Max on a new journey. Tom Hardy is the titular character, and is said to be fantastic in the film. Miller says that the film is like one giant car chase, and the action happens at an unbelievable pace. There is only talking when there needs to be, and the film is very much in tone of the last three. The tone of the film looks like the world ended 45 years ago, and the human race is still picking up the pieces.

In addition to the footage shown, there were character posters released as well.








The footage starts with Max doing a voice over, as he stands out of focus next to his car.

“My name is Max. My world is fire. And blood.”

The footage is really huge in scope, and very cinematic. It has an amazing look, with the destruction that has happened before the film, and the desert that has taken over. Tornadoes go ripping through the sand, and cars go ripping through the tornadoes, with come getting swept away. The film will open in summer of 2015.

Part of the footage from yesterday’s Mad Max:Fury Road panel had come online. It’s just plain visually stunning.




After Mad Max, Stephen Colbert came on stage dressed in Hobbit attire. He was the moderator for the Hobbit Panel, in which most of the cast was present for. Things kicked off with a huge gag reel, showing off Gandalf in his underwear, among many other things.



The cast spoke about the filming, and really had a great time. There was new footage shown, including the new trailer for the film which opens in November. There are rumors about a longer, more fleshed out version of The Lord of the Rings Films, but nothing really talked about here.

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