Six Flags St. Louis closing Scooby Doo ride in September


Six Flags has been making some big closing announcements over the summer. First came the massive news that Six Flags Magic Mountain is closing Colossus this Saturday. Last week we saw the closure of Cyclone, yet another iconic coaster at Six Flags New England. In other parks, Six Flags has announced the closing of other rides and shows. The park chain traditionally makes huge announcements at the end of August for their upcoming season, but this year has been unprecedented in the amount of rides that they have announced will close. That unprecedented trend continues as Six Flags St. Louis gets in on the action.



Photo courtesy of @rmckenzi


Scooby-Doo Ghostblasters will close permanently on September 14th, 2014. Unlike many of the other closures, the park says that it will be closed for future improvements. But just what future improvements exactly?

Scooby Doo is a Sally Dark Ride that uses lasers to score points by shooting at targets. With a system like that in place, it’s unlikely that the park will take it out completely. So what does that leave for the park? Warner Brothers and DC Comics are about to unleash an all new series on the world beginning in 2016. Batman vs. Superman will be the beginning of the Justice League series. Six Flags has an exclusive deal with Warner Brothers to bring the DC characters to life in the parks. So…what could we possibly see in 2015?

Perhaps Justice will come to Six Flags….

Sally Dark rides has Justice League attractions in other parks all over the world. It’s very possible that we could see Justice League coming to Six Flags St. Louis, as well as other parks.

Video-Have a conversation with Cyborg from the Justice League dark ride by Sally

Sally already has a system in place with Scooby Doo at Six Flags St. Louis, and The Justice League is about to become very popular. It makes perfect sense that the park could be getting a Justice League make over for Scooby Doo.

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