Disney to go behind the scenes of Frozen in all new TV special


Frozen has become a worldwide phenomenon. Disney will use the animated feature to take over the world, one day.  The Disney parks are lining up several new Frozen attractions, and have plans for things like books, Broadway shows and even more films in the works. However, the film that you all love almost wasn’t the way it is today. There were several things that were almost cut that became iconic. Disney will take fans behind the scenes in an all new special that will air on ABC on September 2nd.




ABC will air a special “The Story of Frozen” that will take fans of the hit animated film, and show some fun facts as well as early drawings from the film. The all new special comes just as the summer ends, and the holidays are gearing up.

While Frozen is a very endearing and heartwarming film, loved by many, it was almost a very different film. In the original script and screenplay, Elsa was evil. She was the bad guy, but the song “Let it Go” turned it all around, and the filmmakers had to completely rewrite the entire thing. The other big surprise is that “Do you want to build a snowman” was originally cut from the film, and put back in at the very last minute.

The special comes just before the Frozen Sing Along DVD release later this fall. The big question remains, will Disney use this spotlight on the film to announce a few theme park attractions? Most likely not, but there are rumors of a Christmas party at Disney’s California Adventure, and a replacement for the Maelstrom attraction at Epcot’s Norway Pavilion.

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