Howl O Scream Tampa takes guests deeper into new house with


Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa is gearing up for it’s 15th year. This year the event is giving fans the chance to choose the story for one of it’s new houses, letting them choose different story elements in the house. Fans have already chosen a name of the dilapidated gardens, and the way the servant meets his demise. It’s a unique way to get would be attendees involved in the story, and make them very curious to how it all works out.



Deadfall is the new house at this year’s Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa. Guests have been able to choose their fate, or more appropriately, the fate of those in the all new haunted house. Via Polls on Facebook, fans have crafted the story of Deadfall. Hemlock Hall is where the ghosts of the garden inhabit, and the lone caretaker that managed the entire place met his demise with gardening sheers. Now fans will be able to choose the name of the ghost that haunts the tree house.

While sometimes little details can be overlooked, it’s these little details that Howl O Scream is letting the fans choose, which will not only help them remember, but also bring them deeper into the story.

Howl O Scream shocked many with a surprise house announcement, long after the full line up was announced. Guests will be able to shoot zombies in  Z.C.U.15, which takes them into a failed outbreak zone and actually arms them in an all new Laser Tag type challenge. 

Add that new house in with the already highly anticipated Deadfall, and Howl O Scream is fast becoming one of the must see haunted attractions this season.

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