Meet a Ghost Hunter this weekend at Legends: A Haunting in Old Town


SyFy’s Ghost Hunters has investigated thousands of haunted locations all over the world. However, there’s one place that they just might not be able to crack. Legends:A Haunting in Old Town is Central Florida’s only year round haunted attraction, and while it may be up for debate whether or not the haunt has real ghosts, this weekend there will be a real Ghost Hunter on premises.




Saturday August 2nd, and Sunday August 3rd Britt Griffith from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters will be at Legends: A Haunting in Old Town. For two nights only, he will be part of the cast and will be scaring guests as he becomes a Twitchling.

For the untouched, Twitchlings are Old Town’s version of zombies. They stalk you, they eat you, but there’s a little humanity left in them…so the life they used to lead can sometimes be reflected in their behavior.

Britt will be scaring guests all night on Saturday and Sunday, so keep an eye out!

Whether or not he’ll try to make contact with the actual ghosts of Old Town is uncertain.

Old Town is a haunted attraction that is open Thursday-Sunday nights from 7p.m. to 11p.m. Special ghost tours of Old Town and Legends are available throughout the week.

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For more information about Legends, including tickets and reservations, visit the official website by clicking here!