The Film Vault opens at Universal Studios Florida, revealing a huge collection of Universal movie memorabilia


Universal Studios Florida is the place where you can “Ride the Movies”. It was built on amazing, groundbreaking new attractions based on classic Universal films. Those attractions paved the way for what Universal has become, with more groundbreaking attractions being added yearly. Now an all new store pays homage to not only the attractions of yesterday, but also the films of yesterday with the all new Film Vault.



The all new Film Vault takes a very fresh new look at classic Universal films by bringing out all new merchandise. The merchandise ranges from the absolutely cool, to the very bizarre. Some of our favorites include the Bride of Frankenstein purse and wallet. For fans of classic Universal horror, there’s also T-shirts featuring Dracula, Psycho and more. There’s even themed candy, such as the JAWS “I think I need a bigger boat” lollipop.


With the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters hitting this year, there’s also a huge line up of Ghostbusters items, including toys, and of course an awesome hoodie. There are several other Ghostbusters shirts, as well as hats. Ghostbusters used to have a presence in the park with a live show, as well as a special effects show where Twister currently stands.


Another movie that used to have a huge presence in the park is Back to the Future. The store sells several Back to the Future toys, as well as the 2015 hat that Marty wore.



It wouldn’t be a film vault without a collection of your favorite Universal films. They are all there, in miniature form. The posters are about a quarter of the size of regular posters and go all the way from Universal silent films, all the way to current hits like Fast and Furious.

Slideshow-Take a walk through the Film Vault and get a look at even more fun Universal memorabilia

The all new store is right across from Transformers, in the Bulls’ Gym/Delancey Street Preview Center. It features movie merchandise, and rumors suggest that it could change based on the season. However, don’t expect Halloween Horror Nights merchandise in the store. Again, being that it’s movie store, it would feature more horror as Halloween draws closer.

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