All new Big Hero 6 trailer released just ahead of new character meet and greets, and sneak peeks at Disney Parks


Big Hero 6 looks to be the next big thing when it hits theaters this November. The creators of Wreck-it-Ralph, and Frozen are back with another amazing looking film. While we haven’t seen much of the new film, a second trailer released today gives a look at just what we can expect from the film, and reveals a little more to the story and a little more heart. It also comes right before big new happenings involving Big Hero 6 comes to the Disney Parks.




The first trailer gave us a small glimpse of Big Hero 6, and what it was about. The second trailer gives us a better glimpse of the overall story and feel of the film. It also gives us a sense of heart, and love, something that made previous Disney animated films in recent memory all the better. This time we follow a younger brother who is carrying on his brother’s work, and trying to help people. It appears that his brother has passed away, leaving a void. Enter the big balloon robot guy, BayMax.

The movie looks like it will mix comedy, action and of course robots with the traditional Disney story of hope and overcoming the odds. It’s a theme that went well in Wreck It Ralph. It’s also starting to develop a pattern that Disney seems to be following since releasing Tangled. Instead of pushing out a new Disney Princess film every year, Disney seems to be changing it up by offering a Disney Princess film, followed by a more boy-oriented film. Tangled filled the Princess void, while Wreck It Ralph appealed to boys of all ages, and Frozen…well Frozen was a phenomenon. Disney and Marvel are hoping that this new film will do for the boy audience what Frozen did for girls, and become a huge phenomenon.

While the second trailer just hit the internet, an all new sneak peek will hit Disneyland on Friday September 26th. The new sneak peek will also be in 4D, adding special in theater effects to the already immersive 3D film.
Later this fall, both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will launch out new meet and greet characters based on the film. Guests will be able to squeeze next to BayMax as he makes his debut.

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