Busch Gardens Tampa unleashes a curse on their guests; Howl-o-Scream starts tonight


Haunt season will officially be in full swing in a few days as October approaches. Many haunts in Florida have already opened to their guests, offering even more nights of terror. With October just around the corner, Busch Gardens Tampa will be kicking off Howl-o-Scream tonight, offering 8 haunted houses, 1 show, and many rides to experience after-dark, including the all new Falcon’s Fury.



  • Dead Fall: Ghosts of the past are reaching into the future. They lurk in the shadows of a Victorian Garden and greenhouse with the intention of luring the unsuspecting into their world.
  • Zombie Containment Unit 13: A first ever of it’s kind at Busch Gardens Tampa – an interactive zombie hunting experience. Zombies are loose and it’s up to you and your squad to hold them off.
  • Death Water Bayou: The Voodoo Queen is looking to grow her collection of minions. She mystically transforms lost wanderers into her new minions. Evils lurk in the shadows.. time to get out before the Voodoo Queen finds you.
  • The Basement: The Butcher may just turn you into his secret sauce if you don’t escape quick enough.
  • Blood Asylum: A convicted serial killer is on the loose and he’s turned the asylum into his own torture chamber where he’s been skinning his former cell mates.
  • Circus of Superstition 3D: Superstitious? All those years of being superstitious have caught up with you. It’ll take more than good luck to find your way out of this one.
  • Zombie Mortuary: Zombies have infested this local small town mortuary. If you become infected, you may find yourself more than six feet under.
  • The Experiment: Howl-o-Scream’s only up-charge house. The Experiment puts guests up against what they fear the most. Are you up for the challenge? Book your experience today.


  • Fiends: The longest running show ever at Howl-o-Scream returns to Busch Gardens Tampa. The creatures of the night will infect you with dance fever for their deranged dance party.


On top of all the haunted experiences Howl-o-Scream has to offer, Busch Gardens Tampa also has select attractions open. Attractions include the all-new Falcon’s Fury, Sheikra, Cheetah Hunt, Kumba, Montu, and Gwazi.

Howl-o-Scream is a separately ticketed event at Busch Gardens Tampa, meaning the event is not included with your daytime admission and another ticket is required. Busch Gardens Tampa will offer a total of 18 nights of terror during Howl-o-Scream on select nights from September 26th through November 1st.

For more information about Howl-o-Scream, visit the official website by clicking here.