Cedar Point to make King James announcement Tuesday


Cedar Point not only riled up theme park fans, but got the whole world talking earlier this year when they announced that they would rename a coaster after Lebron James if the NBA player would return to Cleveland. Lebron did indeed return to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers , which instantly spiked not only season ticket sales, but also made single game tickets a hot commodity. That left Cedar Point with a promise to keep. Would they rename one of their coasters King James? And if so, which one? Today, we got an answer…sort of.




Cedar Point announced today via Twitter that they would keep the promise and let the fans know what was going on with the coaster.

So what will the news be? Will they rename the coaster after Lebron after all? Keep in mind that this isn’t just as simple as renaming the coaster. There will most likely be a new paint scheme, and the park has to clear it with James himself. That will probably also mean a marketing deal that will include, if nothing else, shirts sporting Lebron’s number and Cedar Point.


The announcement happens on Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST. Recently the park announced that Mantis would be closing in October. While many speculated that Mantis would either be taken down, or rethemed with floorless cars, it’s likely that Mantis could be the new King James. Mantis is currently a stand up coaster that takes riders on a ride 145 feet up before dropping, twisting and turning them in all different directions. Talk has been going on for months how Mantis would be getting new trains. So is this the coaster that will be dubbed King James?

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