Food and Wine Festival coming to Busch Gardens Tampa in Spring 2015


In 2013, Busch Gardens Williamsburg debuted their own Food and Wine Festival, featuring a wide variety of foods from across the globe as well as wine tasting, and more with the event. The event was a big success at the park and returned with fresh ideas for 2014. With such a big success and a delicious idea on their hands, Busch Gardens Tampa will be bringing the event to Florida for Spring 2015.

bg food and wine

Busch Gardens Tampa has yet to announce the juicy details on the event, but we can expect the park will feature a variety of booths around the park that will be themed to a specific area or country that will offer a variety of savory flavors and alcoholic beverages like beer and wine. The event may also feature other fun activities like making art out of food, as well as special wine tastings.

With the event taking place in the Spring, this is a huge plus for Florida foodies! Florida foodies wait all year for Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival, but now there will be another festival for foodies to enjoy.

With Busch Gardens Williamsburg themed to countries around Europe, they have featured many booths from around Europe including Germany, Italy, and more. Just this year, Busch Gardens Williamsburg expanded their event to include flavors from the Caribbean. It’s possible with Busch Gardens Tampa themed around Africa that we might see a wide variety of African dishes during the event with a splash of more popular dishes that would be familiar to guests. It’s also very possible that Busch Gardens Tampa will offer sample-sized servings at these booths that will allow guests to sample food from several booths before getting full rather than trying a larger portion at one booth and not being able to sample anything else.

Busch Gardens Tampa recently updated their website to reflect the coming event and we noticed that Bands Brew & BBQ was not listed as an event at the park. While Bands Brew BBQ normally takes place sometime in the later half of Spring, it could be a possibility that the Food and Wine Festival might be replacing Bands Brew BBQ all together.

No official details on the event have been announced except that it’s coming in Spring of 2015, so stay tuned for all the juicy details!

For more information about Busch Gardens Tampa, visit the official website by clicking here.