Haunted Mansion at Disneyland celebrates 45th anniversary among family Halloween fun


Boo to you! Halloween is fast approaching, and Disneyland is celebrating it in a huge way! As the park always does, Halloween is a big time for celebration. There are many special layovers of the classic Disneyland attractions that start during Halloween and last through the rest of the year. One huge special occasion this year is the celebration of the 45th Anniversary of The Haunted Mansion. To celebrate, Disneyland has a special line of collectible merchandise. It’s the perfect way to kick off the Halloween Season at Disneyland!



Disneyana’s Ghostly Materials celebrates 45 years of The Haunted Mansion with a look at some very special and unique merchandise. The shop has been open for a few months now, but it adds just the right amount of flair to Halloween at Disneyland. The shop is full of tons of great items, including many collectors items for those fans of the Grim Grinning Ghosts. While these items are very unique, they are more of the collectible kind. Disney will release a huge line up of Haunted Mansion items that will include clothing and housewares.



Some of our favorite items include the miniature busts, and of course the copper E-Ticket reproduction. There are also unique takes on the stretching portraits, which include all of your favorite Disney characters. The light up shadow box figures are also very cool. The prices range from very affordable, to extremely expensive.





All over Disneyland, HalloweenTime has taken over. Pumpkins decorate everything, and the very cheerful colors of fall take guests into a cooler frame of mind. Pumpkins even bear the resemblance to some of your favorite Disney friends. Disneyland offers a the hugely fun “Mickey’s Halloween Party” to help the little ones celebrate the holiday. Over 70 treat stations,  special character appearances and a huge “Halloween Screams” fireworks show make the extra ticket event a fun time for kids of all ages.



Halloween means sweet treats all over Disneyland. There’s all sorts of new treats to try all over the park, including candy, cake pops and a variety of pumpkin flavored everything. Big Thunder Mountain Ranch is once again hosting a huge Halloween Carnival, and this year there’s an all new stage show. Juggling, Jesters and magic tricks will cap off the Mystic Magic Show. There’s also a chance you’ll get to summon a villain.

Recently Disneyland revamped their classic dark ride Alice in Wonderland. The attraction features updated sound, amazing projections and it looks absolutely beautiful.
Video-Go through the Looking Glass with Alice at Disneyland!



Another Halloween favorite is the transformation of Space Mountain into Ghost Galaxy! The roller coaster stays the same, but the inside changes as they turn this high speed, indoor coaster into something sinister from another Galaxy. Ghost Galaxy uses a special soundtrack and projections to make a truly unique ride experience.
Video-Get spooked on Ghost Galaxy at Disneyland’s Space Mountain




The absolute must see Halloween/Christmas attraction is Haunted Mansion Holiday. Every year the park revamps the classic Haunted Mansion, and gives the ride the story of The Nightmare Before Christmas. A special soundtrack, overlay and more get added to the classic ride. It’s been through a few upgrades, but it’s still the same fun ride that takes you through A Nightmare Before Christmas.
Video-Go to HalloweenTown with Jack and the gang on Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland


Gingerbread houses have a huge tradition at Disneyland as well as Disney in general. Every holiday season, the resorts craft huge Gingerbread houses and put them up for display. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit. The holiday “spirit” takes on a new meaning altogether as the Haunted Mansion Holiday plays host to a not-so traditional Gingerbread house.

Video-Get gooey with a spooky Gingerbread house at Disney’s Haunted Mansion


The Gingerbread house is huge and sits right in the middle of the ride. Every year it takes on a new theme, this year it is a gingerbread “Iron Maiden”, complete with Gingerbread Zombie victim.


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