Haunted Mansion creeps into Walt Disney as Halloween draws near


The closer to October we get, the more we see the happy haunts materialize outside of their humble abode. 999 Happy Haunts are all waiting to go home with you on all new merchandise at Walt Disney World. There will be a full line of very unique and fun Haunted Mansion merchandise rolling out later this fall, so much that there’s even a store in the works just outside of the Haunted Mansion. We’ve seen a few of the new items materialize in the parks, and took a look at some of the fun new stuff that will follow you home.




45 years ago, the Haunted Mansion first opened it’s doors to unsuspecting guests. There they found a bevy of grim, grinning, ghosts who just came out to socialize. The Mansion has undergone a few changes over the last 45 years, but it’s still one of the most popular attractions in every single Disney park it’s in. At Walt Disney World in Orlando, there are tons of mementos to take home to remind you of your Haunted Mansion journey. Our favorite are the all new Hitchhiking Ghost plush. Three of them joined together, all three to follow you home.










A slew of new shirts also give you you something to wear when the tombstones quake. They’re not really formal enough to wear to a swinging wake, but they will do when it’s time to socialize. Hitchhiking Ghosts are on just about everything, and shirts are no exception.











Hitchhiking Ghosts will love to hang around your Christmas tree, and little mementos and replicas will be sure to take a great place in your collection of knick knacks. One of the coolest new bits are the Haunted Mansion playing cards. The new deck will be a hit at parties, and if you want to make an impression with your card tricks, it’s a good way to have fun. These cards are a little more detailed than previous Haunted Mansion cards, and are perfect for the occasional trick.


This is a small slice of the items that will be heading to Walt Disney World later this fall. The all new shop will be in the former home of the Yankee Trader, and will feature Madam Leota in full force. The new shop will feature items such as shoes, purses, and home items all themed to the Haunted Mansion.

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