Mantis at Cedar Point to get Squashed


Cedar Point made good on their promise to make a huge announcement on Tuesday. As far as huge announcements go, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. After tons of teasing, and loads of rumors, the news is finally ready. Mantis,  the stand up coaster in the park, is getting squashed.


The park announced Tuesday that October 19th will be the last day of operation for Mantis. The B&M stand up coaster has been open since 1996. The big question remains, what will replace it, and what’s going to happen to it?

Park officials have remained quiet on the matter, offering no indication on what will replace it, though rumors have been swirling.
So what could happen to the coaster?  One huge rumor is that the ride will be removed to make room for an all new dark ride. The new dark ride could send guests on a quest to hunt werewolves in an interactive shooting ride.

Another popular opinion is that the coaster isn’t going anywhere, but the name Mantis will cease to serve the ride. Some say that this will be the coaster that gets renamed after LeBron James.  The park made a promise to rename a coaster after t g e basketball player if he returned to Cleveland.
One more rumors is that not only will the coaster get a new name, and paint scheme,  but it will also be refitted to take new cars. The coaster could be turned into a floorless coaster, which would see new trains by manufacturer B&M.
The full details will most likely be revealed in the coming months. Cedar Point is currently closed for regular operation, but will reopen for Halloweekends, the parks annual Halloween event, September 7th.

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