Marvels’ Big Hero 6 coming to Disneyland for a sneak peek


Wreck-It-Ralph ushered in a new era of animation for Disney. Frozen created an instant classic Disney Princess story that has broken records all over the world, and created a worldwide phenomenon.  This fall, Disney is hoping to do it once again with the help of Marvel Studios in the first full length animated movie from Disney and Marvel.  Guests at Disneyland Resort will get a huge sneak preview of the all new film, and like the film,  it will be unlike anything you’ve experienced.


The film will be the story if a boy and his robot Baymax, as they try to stop an evil Kabuki faced villain from taking over the world with nanobots.
The film is getting huge buzz, and is based off of the Marvel comic of the a name.
Disney has announced earlier this year that both Walt Disney World,  and Disneyland will feature all new character meet and greets with Hiro and Baymax.
Now Disney has announced that they will be bringing a third  movie sneak preview this year to Disneyland with Big Hero 6. The other two was Disney’s Maleficent,  and Guardians of the Galaxy.  This time, the sneak preview will be a bit different,  as it will be presented in 4D. The Magic Eye Theater in Tomorrowland will house the special preview,  with special in theater effects. This is the first time a preview has included special effects. 
This could very well be a test for something else coming to Disney in the not so distant future. The park has already been the home for other Marvel attractions, but a full fledged ride has yet to be realized.
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