Michael Myers kills at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 24


We were told there was nothing behind those black emotionless eyes. You should have known that it was pure evil. Michael Myers is coming to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida,  and let’s be up front…This house kill. We were able to take part in a media preview of the all new house that will be a huge part of HHN 24. Was it good? What was it like? We’ll take you in the house and give you a rundown of what to expect…spoiler free of course.


According to Creative guru Mike Aiello,  Halloween has been one of the most requested houses in Halloween Horror Nights history.  It’s also a house that has almost happened several times, but just never got the chance. This year not only is the house coming to life, but so is Michael Myers, which isn’t really a good thing.

“Michael Myers created the slasher genre” said Aiello “he’s a horror icon.”

Video – Preview the all new Halloween House at Halloween Horror Nights with Michael Myers

For fans of the masked slasher, this house delivers on every level. The story is ripped right from the original 1978 John Carpenter classic.  Guests will walk right up to the front porch of the Myers house, and see the story begin before even stepping inside. The house uses image mapping on the facade to show how it all begins for Myers, and his decent to evil. Over time the appearance of the house will deteriorate to show the fall of the Myers house into desolation.
Once you step into the house,  it’s a full out assault from all sides, as Michael Myers is absolutely everywhere.  It’s exactly what you think a house based on Michael Myers should be. It’s violent,  and very surprising.
One interesting tidbit for HHN fans, the house is built in a tent. While tent houses have been detailed in the past, nothing compares to Halloween. It’s easily one of the most detail oriented houses that Universal has ever done.  There’s so many different scares, and so many different things to see that guests will need multiple visits to see everything it has to offer.
Universal has once again taken what they’ve learned in the past to build a real piece of cinematic history that you can walk through and experience. And that’s exactly what you do with Halloween,  you experience it.
For fans of the rest of the series there are little nods to other films in the franchise,  most notably Halloween 3 Season of the Witch. We won’t tell you exactly what, but Silver Shamrock gets a nice nod.
From a personal standpoint, I wasn’t looking forward to it the most. It’s quickly raised my expectations of not only Halloween,  but the rest of the event.  Yes, it’s just that good.
Halloween is just one of the eight houses at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida.  The event is a separate ticket,  and kicks off September 19th on select nights, until November 1st.
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