Remembering Joan Rivers-Her brief Disney appearance


Comedian and fashion commentator, Joan Rivers passed away today at the age of 81. The comedian got her start in Hollywood, by writing for Candid Camera. She would also star as “bait” to lure in helpless victims of the pranks. It was her debut on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that really launched her into stardom. From there, she was pretty much everywhere. She had TV shows, movie parts, and she was always kind of around. Her style of humor was always a little bit irreverent, and at times could appear insensitive. It was her job to make you laugh by any means necessary. It was with that in mind that her Disney connection comes in.

joan rivers


Joan Rivers made an appearance with Miss Piggy in a scene stealing cameo in the 1984 film, Muppets Take Manhattan. Her and Miss Piggy had a great scene, in which the two over the top comedians doused each other with make up.


Later Rivers would go on to a larger role in the Mel Brooks film, Spaceballs, making fun of C3P0. Later when Disney was planning the opening of their second California park, Disney’s California Adventure, they tapped Rivers and her unmistakable voice for a role in the queue video.
The ride was short lived, and closed about a year after it’s opening.

Joan Rivers didn’t work with Disney again for a theme park project, though her presence at places like Universal Studios Hollywood was one that guests could spot on a regular basis. She did, however, reteam with the Muppets for a funny look at an imaginary feud that spanned decades.

The “feud” was part of the promotion for the 2014 film Muppets Most Wanted. Miss Piggy would later join Joan as part of the Fashion Police to comment on the way that attendees for the Oscars were dressed.
She was hilarious in just about everything she did, and was a pioneer for women in comedy. She brought a spotlight to woman comics, and broke a lot of ground in an area that was dominated by men at the time.

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