Sneak Peek at The Walking Dead: End of the Line at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood


There are some things you don’t come back from. You either live with them, or you don’t. Will guests be able to live, and survive, another trip through the world of the Walking Dead? Universal Studios Hollywood is betting on it. If you don’t think you can make it, all you have to do is make it to Terminus. Those who arrive…survive. This year Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood is taking guests to the End of the Line in an all new Walking Dead maze. We were taken on a lights on, sneak peek tour with Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood Creative Director John Murdy through the all new maze, and this year…you either live, or you don’t.



Walking Dead is back for a third year at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood with an all new maze. Last year things ended with a bit of hope. This year, the only hope for survival is to arrive at Terminus-The end of the line. We were able to tag along with John Murdy, Creative Director for Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights for an early preview of the maze. While we don’t want to tell you everything about the new adventure into the Walking Dead, we will give you enough to calm your hunger.




The adventure starts the moment you walk up to the entrance of the maze. This year, more than ever, story is hugely important to the Walking Dead at HHN. The story takes place throughout the entire run of season four. As guests walk towards the entrance, they’ll se the familiar site of the prison tower from season three, but now, it’s entirely blown up. The tower will still be smoldering, and the entire area will be riddled with bullets.



The maze picks up right after the Governor attacks the prison. There’s even a huge tank right in the entrance! All hell has broken loose, the walkers have over run the prison, and things just aren’t going to be the same ever again. The sets this year are bigger and badder before, with many of the sets reaching overhead, two full stories tall! The maze will take us through hopelessness, and have guests end their search in Terminus.




Iconic locations have been a huge part of the Walking Dead mazes in the past, and this year is no different. Guests will go through the iconic Big Spot. and all the way to the Funeral Home. They will see walkers invade the aisles of the department store, and even go through the caved in tunnel. All in the hopes to finding sanctuary. P1010572_15200629111_l



You also couldn’t have The Walking Dead without Walkers…and this year there are plenty to go round. There will be some cool new walkers that fans have seen on the show, as well as some familiar…faces? Burnt bodies will be seen in the prison, as well as the respirator walker. The very first kid that was sick will also be featured in the maze, just after he turns.

There are more walkers and scenic pieces in the Walking Dead than ever before. One really cool tidbit is that there will be an animatronic horde of walkers to terrorize the guests somewhere in the house. Little tributes will be scattered all over the house, and you may see some familiar props all over as well. Matt Damon’s car from The Bourne Identity is used in the tunnel scene, and trees from the ET queue are used in other scenes. The size of this maze will be huge, and will have tons of carnage and walkers to satisfy fans of the show and horror.

Video-Go on a tour with John Murdy through The Walking Dead: End of the Line.

In addition to End of the Line, The Walking Dead will once again be infecting Terror Tram. One scene that we were able to get a peek at was “Clear”. It was featured in season three, and will be a huge part of the Terror Tram experience. The Walking Dead is just one of the many new experiences happening this year at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.

Slideshow-Check out tons of pictures from The Walking Dead-End of the Line

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