Story and details materialize about new Haunted Mansion shop coming to Magic Kingdom


Disney Parks Blog  has released a few more details about the uber cool new Haunted Mansion shop. The biggest detail is that, yes, the shop will have a story. The unnamed shop will not only be the place where guests can purchase merchandise from, and inspired by the Haunted Mansion, but if they’re lucky they may get to feel the presence of one of the Happy Haunts.





Madam Leota disappeared many years ago. Too many to remember, but there are those who still whisper about it. The all seeing fortune teller had a house some place near, and some say that a shop was built where it now stands. The staff never speak of it, but they know. They’ve heard her voice on the breeze and have heard her humming. Leota may be gone, but her spirit still haunts this place.

That is basic plot of the story that the new shop will have. Leave it to Disney to take something as simple as a souvenir shop, and turn it into a spooky, yet magical experience.



A new bevy of merchandise has also been unveiled, showing off new purses, shirts and a killer top hat fit for a Hatbox Ghost. The new shop is set to open sometime later this year, and hopefully just in time for Christmas.

What do you think about the storyline of the new store? Is it fitting for the Haunted Mansion?

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