Streets begin to fill with dark magic at Universal Studios Florida, as Halloween Horror Nights takes over


You remind me of the man. The power of Voodoo is starting to run rampant in the streets of Universal Orlando as Halloween Horror Nights is just one week away from opening night. The details are starting to emerge throughout the entire park as Universal readies for one of the most detailed years at Halloween Horror Nights to date.

The first of many final touches are happening around the park as Horror Nights is slowly taking over the park. The main arch is in the first stages of decoration, as The Walking Dead hangs prominently.


The first signs of Face Off are starting to show in Hollywood where the all new scare zone will see monsters created from the show ripped right from the show. The scare zone will feature five different monsters every 45 minutes, and will feature many different surprises for unsuspecting victims.


The streets of Central Park will be the home to Blood Bayou, where Voodoo zombies, a Voodoo Priestess and human sacrifice will run rampant.








This will be the first time that Halloween Horror Nights has tackled Voodoo. They’re going to do it in grand fashion, and making the entire area feel extremely authentic. The trees will be filled with jars that are lit up with black magic spells, which will play part in the hourly human sacrifice.


MASKerade is also an all new scare zone that is taking shape in Universal Studios Florida. The all new scare zone will see a huge chandelier, massive candles with faces melted into them, and a ton more nightmarish sights.

One of the most anticipated zones will be The Purge : Anarchy. The New York area will just be overrun by those unleashing the Beast and cleansing their souls. The huge area will feature motorcycles, trucks and from the looks of it, a stage area. The entire area will lend itself to theatrics, so it will be a lot of fun to watch everything happen in the scare zone.


Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without Bill&Ted, which will once again return to pop culture to it’s knees in a half hour, music filled romp. This is the 25th anniversary of the films, so we expect to see some added nods to the film throughout the course of the film.

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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando kicks off on September 19th, and will run until November 1st on select nights. Halloween Horror Nights will feature eight all new mazes, and four scare zones that mix original stories with huge horror franchises.
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