Universal Orlando rolls out new social media experience with #HHNCompound at Halloween Horror Nights


If you want to survive, your best bet would be to join the Compound. You’ve been warned. That has been the message that Universal has been blasting all over social media, and online ever since the beginning of Halloween Horror Nights 24. Unlike the past years, where fans of the event needed to work together to solve a mystery that would lead them to a big revelation at the end…or a cookie, the message of the twitter hashtag #HHNCompound has been pretty straight forward, “Join us”. This past Saturday the first meetup of HHN Compound was a result of a Twitter and Instagram contest, and it was also the first of what appears to be many social media meet ups in Universal Orlando’s future.




Universal Orlando began teasing the HHN Compound with a series of tasks. First fans on Twitter, and Instagram received messages directing them to an official website that gave an encrypted message. From there Twitter was ablaze with messages and instructions from the Compound directing guests to a contest for a meet up in the park.
For the contest, guests had to tweet pictures, confess fears and even demonstrate their evil laugh.
Those who followed all of the directions were put into a drawing, and a small group was chosen to join the HHN Compound at an in park “Recon Mission”.





We were fortunate enough to be chosen for the recon mission, where we were taken to a secret rendezvous spot at the Hard Rock Hotel. There, guests were treated to a visit from one of the resort chefs who spoke about the various Halloween treats they create for guests. Special drinks were available, as well as make up sessions with Universal’s very talented make up team.


The HHN Compound team promised a few surprises throughout the night, with one being a visit from Universal make up artist, and season 7 Face Off contestant David “Doc” O’Connell. Doc answered questions from fans, and gave away little secrets about Halloween Horror Nights. A huge surprise cane when Mamba, the Voodoo Priestess from this year’s Blood Bayou came busting in demanding souls and sacrifice.






The other big surprise of the night came as guests were given a lights on tour of Halloween, featuring Michael Myers with Universal Creative team Michael Aiello and TJ Mannarino. Fans of the house we’re also given the chance to take photos on the Myers house facade, something that is normally off limits for guests. The huge surprise of the night was being able to walk through a full run of Halloween, alone. If you thought the house was terrifying during a regular visit, it’s a hundred times more terrifying alone.
Video-Go on a Recon Mission with HHN Compound

This was the first big reward for those following the HHN Compound hashtag. Throughout Halloween Horror Nights, there will be even more missions on a nightly basis from the Compound. The missions range from taking pictures in certain areas, to just sending in pictures of your squad for a chance to win a prize pack filled with HHN Compound swag.
Slideshow-See even more pictures from the HHN Compound Meet Up


According to the HHN Compound team, this social media meet up will be the first of many such events that will take place all year long. It’s just one way that the park is becoming more involved with the fans, and those who follow along with the park on social media. Other events may include special access to Christmas events, and Mardi Gras.
Universal has previously gotten involved with guests by creating interactive games such as Horror Unearthed and Legendary Truth. While fun, those games required many tasks on a nightly basis, and a huge level of involvement. For those not attending nightly, Legendary Truth wasn’t exactly ideal. The new social media tasks and contests seem to be aimed at not only those attending nightly, but anyone at any given time.
HHN Compound will be assigning tasks every night of Halloween Horror Nights via Twitter using the #HHNCompound hashtag.
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