Disney Parks Blog debuts Orange Bird photo opportunity for future meet ups


The Disney Parks Blog has celebrated 5 years of news, fun, and more. The Disney Parks Blog has grown quite a bit since it originally started, including tons of fun meet ups for their readers to attend. Disney Parks Blog has held numerous meet ups this year, including several movie sneak previews, a dog day at Magic Kingdom, and more.

The Disney Parks Blog has always been known to do something fun and special for the readers who attend their meet ups, and no two meet ups are ever the same. They always have some type of surprise up their sleeves! At their latest meet up, the Disney Parks Blog unveiled a first look at a photo opportunity that would be coming to Disney Park Blog Meet Ups – Orange Bird!


The Disney Parks Blog unveiled a video of the first time they inflated a 7-foot tall photo opportunity just for Disney Parks Blog Meet Ups. Guests who attend Disney Parks Blog Meet Ups in the future will have the opportunity at some point to take their photo with Orange Bird. And on top of seeing a sneak preview of the new photo opportunity, we were able to take photo with Orange Bird today!


Orange Bird stands at 7 feet tall and makes for a great photo opportunity! If you attend a Disney Parks Blog event in the future, don’t forget your camera (or camera phone) so you can get a photo with Orange Bird.

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