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The Walking Dead premieres this Sunday on AMC. Since the very beginning of last season, the show has been raising the body count, and knocking off those who we think are safe. While the show continues to tell its viewers “no one is safe”, the chances of certain characters surviving (in our opinion) are better than others. But who should you get attached to, and who should be calling their agent? Below is a listing of who we think will make it to the end of Season Five. Of course the only way to know is to watch every Sunday on AMC.




So, who has a chance of living to a ripe old age and seeing the show through to the next season, and who is going to join Herschel on the farm? Here’s our list, and why we think they’ll either stay or go.

Name: Rick Grimes

Chance of Survival: 100%

Reasoning: – He’s our main hero. While happy to kill off characters on a whim,writer Robert Kirkman isn’t Game of Thrones author George RR Martin – He’s killed more than anyone (some sources have it listed at 172 confirmed kills), so its not like he’s a poor shot with humans or walkers alike. – The guy has been shot, stabbed, and beaten. Why wouldn’t he make it to the very end?


Name: Carl Grimes

Chance of Survival: 99.99%

Reasoning: – To quote Bane from The Dark Knight Rises “You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it.” We have seen Carl grow from a little boy playing with dinosaurs and frogs in season one, to a full on zombie apocalypse survivor. Unlike Rick who had to adapt into this world, Carl became a man in it. We saw the mental breakdown that happened in Rick when he lost Lori and to the best of Rick’s knowledge he’s already lost Judith. Not sure if Rick can afford to lose another family member and keep his sanity.

PLUS-He’s dropped his first rap solo (courtesy of Bad Lip Reading)



Chance of Survival: 99.98%

Reasoning: Michonne is a straight up badass. We don’t want her to go. She serves a larger purpose in the comics, and she’s had some huge character development in the past season. Her and Carl have grown together, as well as her and Rick. She’s the Lori type character that everyone actually likes. Michonne stays, or we go! She’s got a sword.Enough said. Since her first appearance, we can see how well she adapted from a lone wolf to opening up and running with the pack. Its been a really good story arc and I feel like there are way more things the writers can do with her.


Name: Daryl Dixon

Chance of Survival: 85%

Reasoning: Has gone a huge character change already from the outsider drifter type (who only really cared about his brother Merle) in season one, to helping him search for Sophia in season 2, to being torn between Merle, The Governor and Rick in season 3, and training Beth to survive without the help of anyone to protect her and reverting back until his old ways with a group of drifters in season 4. Where else can Daryl’s story arc take him?

For a show that tends to stay away for in your face symbolism, for Daryl, the Walking Dead goes all out . Angel wings on his jacket and sleeping in the funeral home’s coffin might be signs of a potential death. Or this could be a really good way of the show runners to tease the viewers. Unless AMC wants to lose a huge amount of viewers (especially with females)and lose plenty of possible merchandising, the most popular character on Walking Dead will survive until the end of the season. Keep in mind, however, Daryl wasn’t in the original comic that the show is based off of, so there’s no loyalty to him when it comes to the writers.


Carol Peletier

Chance of Survival: 80%

Reasoning-No problems getting dirty with walkers- the woman’s main weapon is a bowie knife, she did at least one practice c-section on a walker when Lori was pregnant, and was pretty good surviving on her own at the prison.Her chances of survival are pretty decent.

Understands that difficult decisions need to be made and will do them even if it makes her unpopular- killing Tyrese’s girlfriend and burning her body during the outbreak at the prison, teaching children how to defend themselves against walkers (despite Rick’s thoughts on the subject matter) and killing Lizzie to protect the group. Much like Daryl, Carol has already gone through so much of a story arc- beginning as a abused housewife, a mother of a lost child (who later watched her zombie daughter shot) in season 2, to a magazine packing, knife welding badass survivor all the way up to the current season. What else can the writers do with her?

Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene

Chance of Survival: 70%

Reasoning-  Glenn’s still really ill and super weak since that weird “bleeding through the eyeballs” flu. Not sure if he can survive Terminus. Plus since he’s one of the very few of the original season 1 characters left so would be a shocking death. – We saw in season 4 that while tough and decent with a gun, Maggie tends to make dramatic (potentially dangerous decisions) without Glenn being there.Can she remain levelheaded and rational during season 5? – Can love conquer all? I hope so. I’m not ready to bring out the tissues yet.



Beth Greene Chance of Survival: 65%

Reasoning-She’s gone from suicidal teen in season 2 to strong woman (under Daryl’s guidance) over the past few episodes. Why kill her off now? There are way more places her story arc needs to take her. – Where is she? After she was abducted in a car during that walker ambush at the funeral home, we haven’t seen Beth since.What are the chances of her surviving? How safe is her new location? Her new group?



Chance of Survival: 60%

Reasoning –He’s way too new- why kill him off yet? -Loves the rush of killing walkers. Could this get him into trouble? He’s a pretty big bad ass, and if you are a fan of the comics, you know what’s coming, although that doesn’t really mean crap with the show.




Chance of Survival: 50%

Reasoning-She’s lost everyone (her sister, her neice, her girlfriend). Wouldn’t it be nice for her to find a group? – After being part of the Governor’s army, Tara redeemed herself by reuniting Glenn and Maggie. She had some closure and a pretty good story arc for a background character. It would be understandable for the writers to let her go.



Chance of Survival: 45%

Reasoning: Over the past season alone his girlfriend was murdered by group member, forgave Carol, took care of a baby, to the best of his knowledge lost his sister, and helped Carol make the decision to handle Lizzie. He may be the best (and by best I mean the best reason to be grabbing tissues watching the show) candidate for a sacrificial death.



Chance of Survival: 35%

Reasoning-The man is a survivor. Its been mentioned on the show that he was the last survivor of two different groups before Rick’s. – He has his demons. After getting the group killed or almost killed (the Big Spot, the veterinary hospital) for alcohol, it would be nice to see a redemption story with him.



Chance of Survival: 30%

Reasoning-My reasoning for why the chance that Rosita survives is so low is because of a decision done by the wardrobe department on her outfit. I have seen enough fights with earrings that end poorly. I can foresee a walker grabbing one of those earrings and enjoying her as its next meal. – Much like Tara and Abraham Rosita is a background character. Killing her off would serve what purpose?




Chance of Survival: 20 %

Reasoning-Where do I begin with Dr. Mullet? Is he even an actual scientist? a con artist? A legitimate insane person?  He can’t handle a weapon. After watching him discharge a gun at a few roaming zombies and instead shooting up his groups truck, how can he make it to the end of season 5? Plus every time Washington DC is brought up, you can see a growing terror in his eyes. We think Dr. Mullet is going down.




Chance of Survival: 10%

Reasoning-She’s been around since season 3, yet we haven’t seen her grow too much. I want her to stick around longer, but since we haven’t seen much of a story line with her, its possible that she will be used a “shocking” death later in the season. – While her death would be upsetting, it might be a great beginning of an excellent potential story line for Bob. – Somewhat significant- she has convention appearances booked all the way through next year.


Of course, this is all just speculation, but it’s how we see it all going down. The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 12th on AMC.

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