Thunderbird at Holiday World will add it’s “top” piece on Tuesday


Weather permitting, Holiday World is going to add the top piece of it’s all new coaster, Thunderbird, on Tuesday. The coaster is a first for Holiday World, and a first for coaster manufacturer B&M as it’s the first launched wing rider coaster. It’s also the first steel coaster for Holiday World.



Unlike traditional coasters, and other coasters at Holiday World, Thunderbird will not take riders to the top of a hill. Instead the coaster will launch riders into a huge 140 foot tall loop before diving back down and into the rest of the track at 60 mph. The track should be in place by noon on Tuesday, and when that top piece is locked in, it will be the 21st of 77 pieces of track needed to complete Thunderbird.

Video-Go for a ride on both sides of the wing coaster, Thunderbird at Holiday World

Thunderbird will be Holiday World’s most ambitious coaster to date, spanning over three thousand feet of track, with several inversions, and a top speed of 60 mph. The coaster will go through multiple design elements to give riders several thrilling moments, including head choppers, key holes and even near misses with The Voyage as the steel coaster meets the wood coaster twice.

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For more information about Thunderbird at Holiday World, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!