Video-Holiday World’s Thunderbird Tops off!


Thunderbird at Holiday World is going to be a first of it’s kind coaster, and the first steel coaster at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. The family park has traditionally stayed away from big steel coasters, opting instead for world class wooden coasters, and unique family attractions. The all new coaster, which is under construction at Holiday World for the 2015 season is well under construction and passed an all new milestone on Tuesday.


Piece #21 nearly in place


On Tuesday, the nearly nine ton top half of the Immelman Loop was installed, marking the tallest point on the coaster at 140 feet tall. It’s also the tallest loop on the coaster, and the first thing that guests will soar into as they are launched at 60 mph. The launched wing coaster will also feature a 125 foot tall loop, a zero-G roll, and barrel roll. The coaster will hug the land, go through very unique elements, and even pass over the neighboring coaster The Voyage.


Video-Watch as Thunderbird is topped off!


The park is currently only open for Halloweekends, which features a corn maze, rides, and the hit musical show Graveyard Smash. Construction on Thunderbird will continue, and the coaster is scheduled to be open on Holiday World’s opening day for 2015.
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