Holidays stay “Haunted” as Magic Kingdom readies for Christmas with new Mansion shop


Magic Kingdom is fully decked out for the holidays, with a few new looks this holiday season. The park also recently opened an all new Haunted Mansion themed gift shop that sells unique Haunted Mansion themed items. The items range from crazy little knick knacks and home decorations, all the way to your own Haunted Mansion portrait. The new shop arrives just in time for Christmas, so you can add that perfect gift for the Mansion lover on your list.

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Christmas decorations adorn Main Street as the park is fully decorated for the holidays. One big tradition that is gone is the huge Christmas tree that was front and center. The tree was gorgeous, but it really took away from the feeling of being a wide open space.




Another change comes from the streets of Main Street. What used to be huge strings of lights and garland, are now just simple hangers and wreaths and bells. The lights are still there, but the focus is now on seeing that big beautiful castle all lit up at the end of the street. With the Christmas tree gone and the wreaths hanging on the sides, it really opens up the view for a nighttime show like none other.


Earlier this year, Memento Mori opened up right at the exit of The Haunted Mansion. The all new shop is where guests can pick up that perfect gift for the Haunted Mansion lover on their list. The shop, like almost everything in Disney, has a story that goes along with the lore surrounding the Haunted Mansion. They say that Madame Leota used to live in this place, and that she mysteriously vanished. You can still hear her faintly in the shop, and there’s even traces of her every once in a while.




Inside the shop, guests can browse through a collection of different items, including floor plans for the ride. The floor plans actually come in the form of a dinner plate. It’s all part of the all new “Haunted Mansion Collection” that will bring out new items inspired by the popular attraction.  It’s a great idea for anyone who loves the ins and outs of the ride.




Mock Haunted Mansion costumes and headbands make a great souvenir from the park. Maid and Butler shirts are available, as well as ties, and even shoes. The shoes are regular sneakers with the Haunted Mansion wallpaper print, in purple.


One of the most fun things from the Haunted Mansion is the lenticular pictures that change as you pass them by. Memento Mori does one even better. They take your picture, and turn it into a Haunted Mansion Lenticular Portrait that changes you into an amazing ghost that belongs in the Mansion.

If you can’t make it to Walt Disney World, and still want to grab some ghoulish trinkets, the Disney Store has an online collection of items for sale (click here).

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