Six Flags, Gerstlauer reach settlement with family of woman who fell from Texas Giant


After more than a year since the tragic accident at Six Flags Over Texas, in which a woman fell from The New Texas Giant, the family, the park and the coaster manufacturer have reached a settlement. The accident happened on July 19th, 2013, when Rosy Esparaza 54 fell from the coaster. The accident has been the subject of battles between Six Flags, Gerstlauer and the family.

Texas giant



The coaster underwent a huge refurbishment the year prior, which gave it highly banked turns, and a very steep drop. The coaster held riders in using just a lap bar. It is still unknown what went wrong to cause the accident. Since the accident, the coaster has put in test seats, seat belts and no longer allows riders with larger dimensions on the coaster.

It was a ripple that was felt throughout the industry, as coasters with the same thrilling turns and drops at other parks also tightened their restrictions on riders.

The family of Esparaza has reached an agreement with both Six Flags and Gerstlauer. The details are not know, but the family is said to be happy with the agreement.

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